List of Top IIT Coaching in Pune

IIT JEE (Main and Advanced) is an admission exam for undergraduate courses in engineering. To get into India’s best engineering colleges, an average of 10 lakh students appear each year for this exam. To get your admission to one of the top colleges of engineering, you need the best coaching; there are various excellent coaching who provide the best IIT classes in Pune.

Countless students enter different institutes of coaching to find the right guidance to attain their goals. You must join an Institute that best suits your pattern of research, financials, and needs. So if you’re confused about what your IIT destination is, here’s a list of the top 3 best coachings who provide the best IIT classes in Pune.

1.    Allen institute

Allen is student-oriented coaching; they offer IIT classes in Pune. In Allen, every student is given equal priority. The Institute recognizes the responsibility of having the finest trainer and creating an excellent pool of expertise, as individuals need to be aware of the new examination trends in the present cut-throat competitive environment and need to push efforts in the right direction.

  • They take weekly tests
  • They provide notes and guide to the students
  • They have an extra doubt session for students
  • They organize additional classes during exams

2. Bakliwal Tutorials

Bakliwal Tutorials was founded in April 2005 by Mr. Vaibhav Bakliwal, who was an IIT Bombay mechanical engineering student. Mr. Vaibhav Bakliwal’s IIT classes in Pune are now preparing over 1500 students for different courses at its various coaching centers in Pune. Bakliwal Tutorials has produced the best ranks and the maximum number of selections at IIT-JEE from Pune for the last seven years in succession.

  • They hold daily questionable clearing/revision lectures in tandem with standard lectures to ensure that students get enough revision as the syllabus goes forward.
  • In addition to books, reading material, and classroom lectures, they also deliver video lectures.
  • Lots are arranged in such a way that students can either start training early or choose express coaching for two tests together or brush up knowledge and only experience extensive test series, especially for repeaters. This IIT classes in Pune also provides coaching for correspondence.
  • They charge Rs 25,000/- month


FIITJEE had a very humble start as IIT-JEE forum, with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for serious JEE aspirants. It has a mission to give students wholesome school education through FIITJEE Integrated School Programs. They are famous for delivering educational yet straightforward IIT classes in Pune.

  • They provide proof study material
  • They have Periodic Tests + Phase Tests supplemented by Test Analysis Sessions
  • They give Home assignments/Workbook Quizzes, tutorials & doubt clearing sessions
  • They have Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): All India Test Series (AITS).
  • They also have a Program for Rank Enhancement (REP)

4. IIT Pace

IIT Pace is trusted over the years for providing excellent IIT classes in Pune. They stand out because of their adequate teaching techniques that are well received by the students.

  • They have experienced faculty
  • They provide recorded lectures
  • They have special question sessions for individual students 

These IIT classes in Pune prepare you efficiently for your future exams. They guide you with the best study strategy. These IIT classes in Pune are always considered to be the best place to get the result. They prepare you to score high and get admission in the top colleges.

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With best IIT coaching in Jaipur, take your preparations on the next level.

With a raging craze for IITs in PCM students and their parents, it has become essential to provide the right guidance from the beginning to the aspiring child to achieve his/her dreams. With the definition of education changing in modern times, it is not just limited to providing information; instead, it has nurtured into directing on how to use that knowledge to provide optimum solutions.

Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan and the 10th most populous city of India, hosts lakhs of students aspiring to become IITIANs. There are various IIT coaching in Jaipur that provide excellent educational facilities with Allen being one of the prominent institutes as told by the students. One needs top-notch education to be eligible for the premier institutes like IITs. 

There are specific parameters you should consider before giving your child to any coaching institute. Go through the list carefully below.

  • Organized infrastructure: Infrastructure plays a crucial role in any standard coaching center. Until there is a proper and hygienic place for learning with the right atmosphere, one cannot expect students to concentrate on lessons. All premier IIT coaching in Jaipur has a well-built residential program with appropriate infrastructures.
  • Diversity of courses: There are different needs for different students. Some may prefer schooling along with coaching, others may go solely for coachings, and many choose a correspondence course (distance-learning courses). Choosing the right direction as per the needs of the student can save their time and increase efficiency.
  • Faculties: These are the prime pillars of education. Most of the top reputed institutes have the best faculty at student’s disposal. Jaipur is the capital city and attracts a high level of professionalism in faculties.
  • Study Materials: Premier IIT coaching in Jaipur provides the best content to their students. Appropriate content that can clear a student’s concept and doubts are a must for preparation for IIT JEE exams.
  • Doubt clearance cell and teaching approach: A dedicated doubt clearance cell is necessary for each student. A student has a unique learning style, and he/she gets the right teaching methodology that is suitable for him/ her, it can do wonders. Hence choose coaching institutes whose teaching methodology in aligning with your child’s need is a must. Also, they should get dedicated doubt clearance facilities.

Along with these parameters, keep in mind while sending your children to Jaipur that this city experiences extreme weather variation. It may be a bit difficult at the beginning for a new student to adjust in this city, but once changed, be assured that your child will be getting the best educational facilities in ‘The Pink City’ aka Jaipur.

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Where should you join a NEET Coaching Center in Chennai?

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, often abbreviated as NEET, is vital for students who aspire to achieve success for themselves in the medical field of the Indian subcontinent. As it may be obvious, the exam is challenging and needs extensive preparations from the students to clear it. The best way to prepare for NEET is by opting for the right coaching center. Read ahead to find more about the plethora of benefits of NEET coaching centers in Chennai and how to find the best one in the country. In a nutshell, every Indian medical student needs it.  

Improved chance of time management

The most vital thing they teach you at a coaching centre is time management. There are going to be many questions that need to be answered within a stipulated period. How will you be able to do it without practice? NEET coaching centres in Chennai have regular mock tests and internal examinations to help you improve the time taken to complete the paper. You learn to effectively pick out the questions you wish to answer. 

Identify the strengths and improve on weaknesses

Going into the medical field in India is not a child’s play. You have to excel at several science subjects such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics, to name a few main ones. As a student, you may have favorites among these. Thus, you shall perform better in the subjects you enjoy more. With the help of NEET coaching centers in Chennai, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and remedial measures will be taken accordingly to help you improve. You can get the individual attention of your professor if you demand so. 

Make the content interesting

No matter how much dedicated you are to your subjects, there has to be a point after which you feel like giving up because the pressure of medical studies is too massive. This is when a coaching centre can be your helping hand by making the content attractive. Though the matter cannot be changed, the presentation is what makes a difference. When you learn things with interest and attention, you are more likely to retain it for longer. 

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A proper sequence and practice time

Last but not least, cracking the NEET exams is no joke. You have to follow an appropriate study and practice schedule that is possible only when you enroll at a NEET coaching center near you. Thus, you now know the benefits of NEET coaching centers in Chennai. It is effortless to find an affordable option right near you. While the youth have been opting for the ALLEN coaching center, you too must head to the website and check out other details of the course.

Grab a seat in IIT with Allen coaching

Getting into IIT is a dream of every engineering aspirant. While only some of them manage to secure a seat in IIT, thousands of aspirants cannot make it through the selection procedure. It is not because they are not brilliant or that they are undeserving. It is all because of the preparation. Most of the aspirants who believe in self-preparation rarely make it through the process. To ensure the success of securing a seat in one of the IITs, one should attend coaching centers. 

Intelligence alone won’t be helpful to clear an IIT exam. You must familiarize yourself with the techniques to solve the questions accurately and in less time. Speed and accuracy both should be in tandem. To help you get through the exam, you could enroll in various IIT coaching Bangalore classes that would help you gain insights about the techniques and tips. One such leading coaching institution for IIT is Allen, which has successfully helped many students to secure a seat in IIT every year. 

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With experienced teachers from all over the country, this IIT coaching Bangalore has a course planned meticulously with up-to-date study materials. The design of the curriculum is such that it keeps up with the new changes that happen every year. The classes are taught regularly in a competitive environment where all fellow students are of the same level and talented as the other. The weekly regular mock tests help students understand the exam pattern. One of the significant advantages of being familiar with mock tests is that when the students sit down to write the real exam in the hall, it doesn’t come as a surprise to them.

Constant practice develops the student’s ability for problem-solving, quick thinking skills while they become familiar with their subjects. Allen has always taken its purpose of existence very seriously. They have hired the best teachers to provide the students with the best possible guidance. Rigorous practice, the dedication of students and teachers on hours end will help them learn about their strength, their weakness, and areas where they could use a little improvement.

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Best place for NEET preparation in PUNE

For the students who are dreaming of becoming a medical professional or a professional in the dentistry field, they should first appear for NEET. National Testing Agency administers NEET. To say that clearing NEET to get into dream-college is quite strenuous would be an understatement. However, some of the top institutes in India make these dreams possible for the aspirants. They provide the aspirants with the right strategy to crack the exam and get into the top medical and dental colleges in the country.

For the aspirants from Pune who are preparing for NEET in the coming days, preparing with the best NEET academy in Pune is the only way to go. ALLEN Career Institute is one of the top institutes not only in Pune but all across India. With an experience of over three decades, ALLEN is a successful classes for NEET in Pune, and also has become a name equivalent to success. Every year, ALLEN is successfully making aspirants achieve their dreams. Mentors in every subject are an experienced educator of the subject of many years.

Why getting into an academy is vital to clear NEET?

There is no question about how high the competition is to get into the desired medical institute. When an aspirant gets enrolled in a NEET preparation course in the best academy for NEET in Pune, it makes the aspirant that competition instead of beating the competition. To become the competition, the aspirants require to do hard work, discipline, and a routine. Following a routine while preparing for an exam from home is next to impossible. However, when an aspirant enrolls in a coaching institute, they are bound to follow the routine.

Aspirants face a challenge in a proper NEET like environment

Aspirants in NEET academy learn in a classroom environment with regular assignments and mock tests. They get adequate study material from these academies. The courses in ALLEN – a top NEET classes in Pune are updated daily so that the candidates get to learn the latest exam strategy. The teachers have years of experience of teaching in different institutions.Apart from providing the best faculty, the academies also allow the students to have doubt clearing sessions with their mentors regularly. These sessions help the average students to be one of the top-ranked candidates. The ALLEN academy does not make fake claims of being the best academy for NEET preparation in Pune. Their efforts have brought a lot of success to many aspirants making the academy a Limca Book record holder for a few occasions.

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NEET Coaching and ALLEN

Many coaching classes and training centers help the students clear competitive and entrance exams. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted across the country for admission into medical, dental, or relevant colleges. Both online and offline classes are available that train the students to clear the NEET exam. Aspirants from the north can enroll in Allen’s NEET coaching center in Chandigarh.

About NEET exam

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, famously called the NEET, is conducted across the country for medical aspirants. The exam paper consists of questions from zoology, botany, chemistry, and physics. The paper has a value of 720 marks. Students who are aiming to get into the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, veterinarian, or Ayurvedic field, must clear this exam. Many governments and private medical colleges give admission to the students based on the NEET score.  The best of the two scores (the exams are conducted twice in a year) would be considered. The NEET exam is conducted in around ten languages by National Testing Agency. Students belonging to the unreserved category are eligible for nine attempts and 14 attempts if they are from the reserved category. The entrance exam fee is 700 for female and reserved category students. INR 1400 is charged to boys belonging to the unreserved category. You can choose a Coaching center for NEET in Chandigarh for additional help and assistance.

Coaching centers

With the advancement in technologies, a new method of learning has come into existence. Many students prefer e-learning because they can learn from the comfort of their place and study at their own pace.

Apart from online courses, many training institutes, and Allen Career Institute train students to clear the NEET exam. These coaching centers train the students throughout the year and offer many mock and practice tests. This will increase the accuracy of answering the questions and decrease tension.

Why choose ALLEN for NEET?

ALLEN is a coaching center that trains students to clear competitive and entrance exams. It is known for its NEET coaching because:

1. They not only promise but ensure results.

2. They offer both online and offline programs.

3. The faculty are knowledgeable and helpful.

ALLEN has a NEET coaching center in Chandigarh, as well.

Clearing competitive and entrance exams often require hard work and patience. Cut-throat competition and a vast portion make NEET one of the difficult exams. Proper coaching will help the students ace the test. Choose  ALLEN coaching for NEET in Chandigarh for a brighter medical future.

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Best exam tips to succeed in 2020

Attention candidates! We have collected and selected the best exam tips to help you pass the JEE-Mains, JEE-Advance or NEET! Every tip that succeeds in increasing the chance of success or simply facilitates learning is a bonus. With the following tips & tricks, you are assured of a good general preparation. These are the tips that every exam candidate should read.

If you are taking coaching classes for neet, JEE and preparing for JEE-Mains, JEE-Advance or NEET exam this year, read these tips and tricks first? The best exam tips and advice in a row.

Exam tip # 1: Practice old exams

Taking an exam is more than learning facts by heart. In particular, it is about teaching yourself skills to be able to come to certain insights with the exam material. By taking old exams, you are better prepared for the upcoming final exam. This way you become familiar with the level of questions and the type of questions that are asked. Road-map:

  • Practice for a few hours in a row:-  This way you get used to taking the exam for 3 hours.  After all, you do not want to find out for the first time on the actual exam how long a 3-hour exam actually takes.
  • Take at least 2 old exams for each course:-  By taking several old exams of a course you will see a common thread and you will know which subjects have a high chance of returning to the exam. Then take a good look at the answer model and check your answers.
  • Learn from your mistakes:-  Ask your teacher for an explanation about the things you do not understand. Then make sure that you train even more on the subjects where you did not score so well. Also, look at the guidelines per question on the answer sheet. In this way, you get a better understanding of how teachers will soon assess your answer and you can adapt to it.

Exam tip # 2: Use videos

The exam material for many subjects is also explained in videos on YouTube. Some teachers spend a lot of time preparing videos to explain the material to you. Because of the combination of image and sound, you can often understand the material better. Video sticks better than dry text and sometimes offers a different perspective. A channel that we recommend, for example, is  Allen. You can also search by concept or chapter on YouTube. Take advantage of this!

Exam tip  # 3: Learn the exam material theme by theme

It makes no sense to stamp all the exam material in your head in one go. Cut the exam material into bite-sized chunks and learn each theme separately. By always focusing on one component, you keep the peace for yourself and the fabric stays better in your head. Focus primarily on the parts that you do not yet have a good command of. In our summaries, we have already divided the exam material into themes for you. You can also make a summary for yourself per theme. 

Exam tip  # 4: Combine different resources to help you succeed

Combine different means to learn the exam material. Use your book or the Exam summary. Also, make use of videos on YouTube and explanation on the internet. Ask your teacher to briefly explain the material and also practice old exams. Maybe exam training can also help you. Google the most important concepts of each course or check Wikipedia. Here you will find an explanation that might suit you better. Dust in schoolbooks is often dull or unclear. All means are sacred to make you pass the final exam. By combining all resources you increase the chance of passing the final exam!

Exam tip  # 5: Start learning on time

A pitfall for many exam candidates is a lack of time. Therefore, start reviewing the exam material on time. Learn the fabric step by step. Make a schedule with all the topics that you need to learn and state when you go through the material If you start on time, you have enough time for all exam subjects. Then you only have to go through a summary in the last days before the exam.