Best exam tips to succeed in 2020

Attention candidates! We have collected and selected the best exam tips to help you pass the JEE-Mains, JEE-Advance or NEET! Every tip that succeeds in increasing the chance of success or simply facilitates learning is a bonus. With the following tips & tricks, you are assured of a good general preparation. These are the tips that every exam candidate should read.

If you are taking coaching classes for neet, JEE and preparing for JEE-Mains, JEE-Advance or NEET exam this year, read these tips and tricks first? The best exam tips and advice in a row.

Exam tip # 1: Practice old exams

Taking an exam is more than learning facts by heart. In particular, it is about teaching yourself skills to be able to come to certain insights with the exam material. By taking old exams, you are better prepared for the upcoming final exam. This way you become familiar with the level of questions and the type of questions that are asked. Road-map:

  • Practice for a few hours in a row:-  This way you get used to taking the exam for 3 hours.  After all, you do not want to find out for the first time on the actual exam how long a 3-hour exam actually takes.
  • Take at least 2 old exams for each course:-  By taking several old exams of a course you will see a common thread and you will know which subjects have a high chance of returning to the exam. Then take a good look at the answer model and check your answers.
  • Learn from your mistakes:-  Ask your teacher for an explanation about the things you do not understand. Then make sure that you train even more on the subjects where you did not score so well. Also, look at the guidelines per question on the answer sheet. In this way, you get a better understanding of how teachers will soon assess your answer and you can adapt to it.

Exam tip # 2: Use videos

The exam material for many subjects is also explained in videos on YouTube. Some teachers spend a lot of time preparing videos to explain the material to you. Because of the combination of image and sound, you can often understand the material better. Video sticks better than dry text and sometimes offers a different perspective. A channel that we recommend, for example, is  Allen. You can also search by concept or chapter on YouTube. Take advantage of this!

Exam tip  # 3: Learn the exam material theme by theme

It makes no sense to stamp all the exam material in your head in one go. Cut the exam material into bite-sized chunks and learn each theme separately. By always focusing on one component, you keep the peace for yourself and the fabric stays better in your head. Focus primarily on the parts that you do not yet have a good command of. In our summaries, we have already divided the exam material into themes for you. You can also make a summary for yourself per theme. 

Exam tip  # 4: Combine different resources to help you succeed

Combine different means to learn the exam material. Use your book or the Exam summary. Also, make use of videos on YouTube and explanation on the internet. Ask your teacher to briefly explain the material and also practice old exams. Maybe exam training can also help you. Google the most important concepts of each course or check Wikipedia. Here you will find an explanation that might suit you better. Dust in schoolbooks is often dull or unclear. All means are sacred to make you pass the final exam. By combining all resources you increase the chance of passing the final exam!

Exam tip  # 5: Start learning on time

A pitfall for many exam candidates is a lack of time. Therefore, start reviewing the exam material on time. Learn the fabric step by step. Make a schedule with all the topics that you need to learn and state when you go through the material If you start on time, you have enough time for all exam subjects. Then you only have to go through a summary in the last days before the exam. 


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