Why Kota is best for IIT JEE preparation?

Every school student who is willing to take up a career in engineering or medical field is well versed with the name of the education hub of India, Kota. Within a short period of time, it has become one of the leading destinations for IIT-JEE coaching in Kota and the city is flooded with numerous coaching centers.

Every year, thousands of students shifts to Kota for preparation of engineering and medical entrance examinations. You will be amazed to know that over 200000 brilliant students from every corner of the nation relocate to Kota every year with the dream of shaping the path of their future career. These students usually stay for a period of one year or two and prepare for the toughest entrance examinations that are held in the country for entrance in leading engineering and medical institutions. It can be easily seen that students are preferring Kota to complete their secondary and Senior secondary education also while taking up coaching side-by-side for IIT and NEET preparation.

There are a lot of institutions in the city which prepare the students for school examinations and entrance examinations as well at the same time to meet their current and future educational goals. If you are overwhelmed with this facts, you might be wondering what makes this city so special that hundreds of thousands of students prefer this small city only for the preparation of such tough examinations. Here are three main reasons why IIT JEE coaching in Kota is the best.

Greatest Selection Ratio in the nation:

One of the major reason of this increasing interest of students towards Kota is that this city has been consistently providing the highest number of selections in IIT and NEET in the country. Over 40% of IIT selections are done from Kota only. Similarly, around 50% of medical selection comes from this zone only. This has been possible due to a proven effective education paradigm that is followed by some of the leading institutes in the city. Institute like Allen are finely crafted with best teaching methods including best in class is study material, time management policies and frequent competition practice tests which makes it ideal for students to score well in examinations.

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Best faculty in nation:

The city of Kota offers you some of the best faculties of the nation that are teaching at many renowned IIT JEE coaching institutes like Allen. With years of experience in their relevant field, these faculty members are making it possible for a wider segment of students to fulfill their dream of clearing IIT entrance exams and enrolling in some of the finest institutions of the nation. This city has an unmatched history of producing the highest number of all India rankers.

Infrastructure-focused for students:

You will be surprised to know that the small city of Kota is the seventh most densely populated city of the nation. The locality has turned into a huge coaching institution in a very small period of time facilitating hostel, coaching institutes, pg’s and a lot more that makes it convenient for every student to easily pursue study here.
These are some of the reasons why Kota is the best place to prepare for IIT JEE. Institutes like Allen are focused on bringing out the true potential of students and help them in choosing the right career path with proper education.

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Name: Allen Career Institute

Address: “Sankalp” CP-6, IndraVihar, Kota, Raj-324005

E-mail: info@allen.ac.in

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